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Spark Your Imagination

Students, teachers, and parents are treated to a special tour of the museum while they follow two pirates looking for treasures! Students will have their own copy of the treasure map to use as the pirates guide them to discoveries throughout the museum.  

Each “treasure” is an artwork with a live costumed character who brings the artwork to life, sharing a story with the pirates and their audience. 

The participants must listen carefully to answer questions on the map before they can move on to the next treasure.

 This is an entertaining and educational experience for all ages, children, and adults alike! Students have fun learning about World, US and California history, as the art tells its stories. After the activity, we provide a “Make Your Own Treasure Map” for kids to extend the fun to their own environment.

Pirates' Treasure Hunt Experience: About Us


Resource materials for students, teachers, and parents (click to download):

Treasure Hunt Map (2 pages to print before playing the video, to be used while watching and participating in the hunt).

Make Your Own Treasure Hunt Map (1 page to print out after viewing the video). 

Pirates' Treasure Hunt Experience: History
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