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ERIN HANSON Alchemist of Color: Image
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ERIN HANSON Alchemist of Color: Image
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In Erin Hanson’s paintings, nature is an entity bursting with energy and color. These kaleidoscopic scenes contain perfect harmonies, splendid contrasts, delicate gradations, wild depth, and power. It may be surprising to know that Hanson’s brilliant landscapes are often achieved using just a few primary colors: red, blue, and yellow.

From only a few pure pigments, Hanson mixes all of her colors before beginning a piece, creating a limited palette with a full range of vibrant hues. Each brushstroke is placed intentionally. Hanson lays colors side by side without overlapping. The result is crystalline and defined, every inch radically charged with light, as clean and vivid as the famous stained glass windows of the Chartres Cathedral. The style of painting, characterized by a mosaic of textured brushstrokes and striking color, Hanson calls “Open Impressionism.”

As the originator of "Open Impressionism," Hanson’s techniques are now taught in art schools and colleges worldwide. This style is a blend of classic impressionism and modern expressionism with a pinch of Plein-air methodology. Instead of reflecting the landscapes through stark realism, Hanson seeks a new scene defined by the movement of prismatic color planes, relaying the pure emotion of the atmosphere. The primary purpose of "Open-Impressionism" is to capture the true feeling of being outdoors.

Hanson’s particular approach to painting allows the viewer to participate in the finished artwork. She asks her audience to fill in the blanks, she pushes us to explore the colors of nature in all its variety: harmonies, contrasts, peaks, and depths. These pieces reveal our richness of vision.

Show Dates:
October 5th - December 28th, 2023

Artist's Reception:
Thursday, October 12th

ERIN HANSON Alchemist of Color: Exhibitions
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