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Ensuring the future of the Channel Islands Maritime Museum

The Mainsail Society: Education


The Channel Islands Maritime Museum is delighted to announce the formation of The Mainsail Society. The Society honors the caring and visionary individuals who are making a contribution to the future of our mission by including the Channel Islands Maritime Museum in their will or estate plans. 

You may join The Mainsail  Society by naming CIMM as a beneficiary:

• In your Living Trust or Will
• Of a Life Insurance policy
• By Gifting Assets from a Tax-Deferred Retirement Plan, such as a 401(k) plan or an IRA
• By Establishing a Charitable Trust that can provide lifetime income to a loved one as well as a significant future gift to the Maritime Museum
• For a Final Legacy in a Donor Advised fund (DAF)

All inquiries are confidential

You can help the Channel Islands Maritime Museum pursue a future course filled with opportunity, education, and excitement through a bequest, charitable trust, or other planned gift. Please share your intention to include CIMM in your estate plans so that we may recognize your generosity and welcome you to The Mainsail Society. 

Unrestricted planned gifts provide the Museum with the flexibility to meet whatever needs are most urgent. If, however, you prefer to designate your estate or planned gift to benefit our youth programs, cultural programs, or to honor a loved one, please contact us so we are able to assist you with the wording of your designation to ensure that your intentions are properly honored.

If you would like to learn more about legacy gifts, bequests, charitable gift annuities, charitable lead, and charitable remainder trusts, and other methods of including the Channel Islands Maritime Museum in your estate plans, please contact Adri Howe, Executive Director, at 805.984.6260 or email

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