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Connie Jenkins Intertidal Zones of the Channel Islands: Exhibitions

Beginning in August 2023, the Channel Islands Maritime Museum will be hosting photographer and photorealist painter Connie Jenkins. Jenkins’ work captures the minuscule and marvelous details of intertidal zones across Southern California. Intertidal zones are uniquely balanced ecosystems, existing anywhere the ocean meets the land. From towering, rocky ledges to sloping sandy beaches to mudflats extending for hundreds of miles, intertidal zones are home to abundant biodiversity, hundreds of varying species such as urchins, sea anemones, barnacles, chitons, crabs, isopods, mussels, starfish. Jenkins writes: “It is my hope that the experience of viewing these works can bring a greater awareness of the value of these astonishing and seldom-seen habitats, inspiring a sense of responsibility for their protection and preservation.”

Jenkins has exhibited across the United States and in Japan over the course of her career, imparting her artistic skills to students all around California, including at the University of Southern California, California State Long Beach, and multiple colleges located in Santa Monica, Ventura, and Claremont.

The Channel Islands Maritime Museum is honored to host her work from August 23rd, 2023, through January 3rd, 2024.

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