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Art of the Channel Islands

Resilience: Art of the Channel Islands 

Opening September 2022

This exhibition will explore how creatives are inspired by the natural world. Five award-winning local artists, Joe Adams, Holly Woolson, Linda Legman, Genie Thomsen, and Christina Altfield, will use unique mediums to explore the flora and fauna of the Channel Islands.

Resilience: Art of the Channel Islands will be the Museum's largest temporary exhibition to date. 

Through printmaking, painting, drawing, and ceramics, artists will capture the extraordinary diversity of the many species that call the Channel Islands home. Reflecting on the unique conditions and challenges of island life, this exhibit will also provide a special educational opportunity for guests of all ages. By exploring natural history and stunning biodiversity, from the ancient pygmy mammoth to the Channel Islands Fox, Resilience: Art of the Channel Islands strives to express the true miracles of these legendary islands.