The Rivers: A Celebration of Life & Work on America's Waterways

with artist Daven Anderson


JULY 17 - SEPTEMBER 24, 2017





THE RIVERS paintings carry viewers to the banks of America's greatest waterways and beyond, into the shipyards, onto the docks, aboard the ships, and out on the swift, broad currents. Here, unbeknownst to the vast majority of Americans, more than 500 million tons of freight (grains, gravel and aggregates, paper, wood, coffee, coal, petroleum, chemicals, iron, steel, rubber, and manufactured goods) flow past our towns and cities every year. All this is just the traffic on the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, all beyond our view and outside our purview, since commercial shipyards are cordoned off from the public. Commercial and industrial maritime operations, brawny, demanding, and usually dangerous to those untutored in nautical transport, are isolated for the safety of the pubic. 

Daven is a studio painter, walking the streets or plying the rivers and Ports with his camera constantly searching for images that capture his imagination. He takes multiple shots, even returning as the lighting changes. Using his photos to develop a final composition, he then draws the piece. Lastly, the final coloration and painting of the work completes the cycle. The end results are beautiful rendered and composed views of a  busy, yet mostly unknown world.

Artist Daven Anderson describes himself as an ‘urban realist’, painting life as he sees it on the city’s streets and is essentially self-taught, spending only one year in a twice weekly evening open painting session at the American Academy of Art in Chicago. A long time Chicagoan and only moving to St. Louis in 2006 Daven is fascinated by urban life. In 2007 he picked up his brushes again after a 16 year hiatus. 

Daven Anderson Watercolor Workshop.jpg

CIMM is excited to host a 2-day Watercolor Workshop for intermediate and advanced watercolorists, taught by exhibiting artist Daven Anderson. Attendees will paint two works, one each day. On day one, artists will complete a marine painting that will include marine related structures, some trees and landscape and populated with one or two people.  On day two, participants will complete an urban or rural landscape that will include people. The two days are intended to explore the full range of watercolor techniques in classical watercolor style.  The class will run from 9:00 am to 4 pm with a lunch break on the patio of CIMM. Participants are asked to bring a lunch. There will be discussion on composition and the ways of directing attention to the paintings 'Center of Interest'. Instructor Daven Anderson will relate very interesting, little known facts of art history during the two days. Please RSVP by July 8, as space is limited. Cost for the 2-day workshop is $230.00, and $130.00 for one day. Each artist is responsible for bringing his/her own materials, a materials list will be provided by the instructor.