with charlotte rees

Monday, October 2, 2017

Reception at 6:00 pm     Presentation at 7:00 pm

Members: $7   Non-members: $10

They Reached America Thousands of Years Before Columbus

The Channel Islands Maritime Museum is gratified and honored to offer an evening with
CHARLOTTE HARRIS REES, a renowned author and scholar of Chinese Discovery and Colonization of Ancient America.  

Ms. Rees is a Senior Researcher and a graduate of Columbia International University.  She has appeared on television and National Public Radio in the United States and Canada, in numerous news articles around the world, and has spoken at the Library of Congress, the National Library of China, Stanford University, Tsinghua University (China’s Harvard), Switzerland, the University of Maryland, City U of NY, the China Institute (NYC), Portland (Oregon) State University, the University of London, Royal Geographical Societies in London and Hong Kong, Nanjing University, and Simon Fraser University (Canada) about her family’s map collection and the early arrival of Chinese to America. This is a rare opportunity to meet and share Ms. Rees’ extensive knowledge and years of research in this field of study.  Her web site is

Her books: 

(all endorsed by Dr. Hwa-Wei Lee, retired Chief of the Asian Division of the Library of Congress and other experts)

  • Did Ancient Chinese Explore America? (2013)
  • New World Secrets on Ancient Asian Maps (2014)
  • Chinese Sailed to America Before Columbus: More Secrets from the Dr. Hendon M. Harris, Jr. Map Collection (2011) 
  • The Secret Maps of the Ancient World (2008, 2009)

The Channel Islands Maritime Museum has a permanent exhibit of the Chinese Treasure Ship and Admiral Zheng He.  Howard J. Smith, the Original Curator of this Exhibit, will be available to answer questions about the Treasure Fleets of the Ming Dynasty.

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